Resurfacing Your Worn Driveway

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worn drivewayYour driveway gives the first impression of your home. As the trend of remodeling older homes continues to grow, a broken, worn driveway is a common home improvement project we often neglect.  This is mainly due to the effort and cost of removing and/or replacing the concrete or asphalt. A more cost-effective option is to repair and strengthen a driveway by resurfacing the pavement.

Resurface With A Squeegee

With a basic squeegee application, a quality resurfacer supplies a durable, wear-resistant surface that will withstand high traffic on driveways, pathways, walkways, and patios. Property owners only require a squeegee, a five-gallon container, and a concrete resurfacer to resurface a driveway.  This is readily available in 20-pound pails, 80-pound bags, or 40-pound bags. One 40-pound bag generally resurfaces roughly 90 square feet at 1/16-inch density.

How To Do It

Begin by cleaning the driveway. This will guarantee the concrete resurfacer appropriately bonds with the existing surface.

Blend the resurfacing combination with water until you attain a pourable consistency.

Use a pressure washer to clean the surface and saturate the driveway — complete step by removing any standing water.

Pour the mix onto the concrete surface and then carefully spread it out with a long-handled squeegee.

Use the squeegee to scrub the product into the surface area.

For a slip-resistant surface, follow with a broom-making stroke across the full distance of the work area without stopping.

Wait 6 hours before allowing foot traffic and 24 Hr for automobile traffic.

Attempt to protect from rain for at least 6 hours, longer in damp or cold weather.

Do not cover unless rain is coming.

* If thinking about a decorative finish, include a quality color cement in the mixture.

For thicker applications, use thin layers of the concrete resurfacer or utilize a trowel applied coat after the preliminary squeegee application.

The concrete resurfacer provides a long-lasting, wear-resistant surface with a simple squeegee application.  It is created to hold up against even the heaviest traffic on a worn driveway, walkways, and patios.

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