Homeowners Guide – Proper Maintenance for Asphalt Pavement

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Asphalt is the most common paving material used today because of its many favorable qualities. It is flexible, water resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to work with. All of these properties make it a great material to use. But just like any materials used in construction, it should be treated with preservation and care. Failing to do so would result in short lifespan, instability, fading and other forms of damage. If you are a homeowner, you need to know how to take care of your asphalt pavement. Even if this material is considered strong, it is still prone to damage like many other materials.

asphalt pavement

Here are some easy tips to properly care for your asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

Pavement maintenance is key if you want to sustain the appeal of your asphalt. It also helps in extending its life which is crucial since asphalt renovation could cost a lot of money. You can do the maintenance on your own or hire a professional to do it. Some basic maintenance like cleaning and ocular inspection can be done by your average homeowners. However, some of the more complicated tasks like crack filling, pothole repair, line striping, and seal coating are best left in the hands of trained professionals.

If you have a lot of free time on your hands, you can definitely do some of the more complicated tasks by yourself. However, take note that the maintenance task like seal coating requires a certain skill. An improper sealcoat on asphalt pavements may lead to corrosion due to exposure to chemicals and salts. If you are not confident in your maintenance skills, it is best just to hire professionals to do the job.

Seal Coating

Sealcoat is a type of emulsion that is sprayed or brushed onto the asphalt pavement. The aim is to provide a protective layer against moisture and other harmful elements. There are many kinds of seal coats available for many kinds of asphalt pavements. The most popular seal coats consist of fog seal, slurry seal, emulsion chip seal, and coal tar. You can find water-based seal coats if you want to do the seal coating yourself. This kind of sealcoat is easier to apply.

The best time to do a seal coat

If your asphalt pavement is old and is clearly showing signs of old age, a seal coat may actually not be beneficial at all. Many professionals would suggest replacing the whole thing instead of trying to salvage it using a seal coat application. A seal coat is best used for newer asphalt wherein the insides of the asphalt are still unexposed to harmful chemicals. If the asphalt is already exposed and corroding inside, a seal coat won’t save it from its demise.

If your asphalt is still new, a seal coat is perfect for it. Just remember to do a periodic re-sealing to keep the asphalt protected from harmful outside elements. Seal coat fades over time so it’s better to do regular coating when you can. If you are unsure of what to do to protect your asphalt pavement, it is best if you talk to your trusted paving contractors. They will take a look at your property and advise you the best things you can do to extend its life.

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